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Productive Silence?

Imagine if you wanted to avoid a popular subject. Say, a hit television program about a singing contest, or a reality adventure competition in which scantily clad participants vote people off the show? Intentional avoidance requires steering clear of news … Continue reading

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Why Not?

legal institution fear right true marriage hurt commitment church state wrong facts evidence important life benefits damage phobia civil separate equal responsibilities fundamental vision circumstance religious dignity politics afraid kids health debate protect sanctity social justice honest effort genuine respect … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Brainstorming

Why do I Brainstorm(s)? One of the primary reasons is that Brainstorms uses Caucus. My affection for Caucus, and my interest in seeing it being well-used, is how I learned that Brainstorms existed. My early experience with Caucus conferencing was … Continue reading

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Just Write

“Just write,” I was told. So, write is what I did. Sometimes, I just ramble on and on about things that don’t even make much sense to me. One standard instruction to writing students is, “Write what you know.” Maybe … Continue reading

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What it is

  That’s one way of looking at it.

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Limited Perspective

I recognize I possess a very limited perspective of the world. Being apolitical, I tend to be an outlier when it comes to the hot news about governments, lawmakers, lobbyists, military maneuvering, and party posturing. I also know very little … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Love

How many days has it been since a certain time of year when shopping and gift-giving filled the airwaves and people’s minds every waking hour? It comes, and then it’s gone. Now we find ourselves in January, the month after … Continue reading

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