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US-Pakistan relations: a handy, up-to-date guide

What’s the story about US-Pakistan relations? The excellent ProPublica team just released this guide, which is both accessible and informative.

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Towards peak oil: a surprising Wall Street Journal article

We’re facing the end of cheap, easily obtained oil. This is classic peak oil theory: first, we take the easier to get stuff. Next, we’re left with the increasingly hard-to-get matter, which ramps up costs and builds scarcity. So says … Continue reading

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Pakistan-American relations worsen

Relations between Pakistan and the United States sunk even lower today, thanks to a firefight among ostensibly friendly forces.  American helicopters were shot at, and Pakistani soldiers wounded. More here.

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Baluchistan rising

Is the US quietly building up a Baluchistani nationalist movement? Maybe – what? Baluch (also Baloch) peoples can be found across a spread of central Asian nations (see map to right).  They are significant minorities in both Iran and Pakistan. For … Continue reading

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Pakistan and America: bad tidings

What’s next in US-Pakistani relations? Lawrence Wright, author of the excellent The Looming Tower (2006), considers. Wright usefully sketches out the history of US support for Pakistan, starting after WWII.  The connection was driven for decades by Cold War logic.  Next … Continue reading

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bin Laden’s death: Pakistan’s visible guilt

The revelation of Osama bin Laden’s hiding place reveals Pakistan’s long-term support for al Qaeda’s leader.  So says Steven Coll, arguing that “bin Laden was effectively being housed under Pakistani state control”, and that an American ally was playing a … Continue reading

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Today in the Arab Revolt

The Arab Spring, the Arab Revolt – whatever we end up calling it, the thing is continuing. ITEM: Elements of the Syrian army might be siding with protesters in that country’s unrest. units of the 4th Army Division, headed by … Continue reading

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One thought about US policy in the world

Here‘s a sobering thought about the effects of US foreign policy: Free elections in the emerging nations increasingly often empower anti-western leaders (Egypt may be the most recent example).  Our habit of overthrowing secular leaders in the Middle East (e.g., … Continue reading

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US continues to bomb Libya

American planes attacked Libyan targets this week.  Interestingly, this was days after the US wasn’t going to be doing that, supposedly. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, never an enthusiast for this third simultaneous U.S. conflict, pledged to Congress that America’s combat … Continue reading

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Inspire #5: between front and back covers

[ by Charles Cameron — cross-posted from Zenpundit ] * Okay. When what goes into the opening paragraphs of an editor’s note at the front of a magazine corresponds pretty exactly to what’s on the back cover, you have a … Continue reading

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