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Libraries and Knowledge Management

Many people think of libraries and librarians as being involved in a rather dry and now antique type of “information management.”  That’s not far off the mark regarding much of what librarians are traditionally thought to do. On the other … Continue reading

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Invisible College 2.0

How is scholarly communication changing as the internet develops? It’s a new (in)visible college, according to Bryan Alexander. We’re seeing all kinds of experimentation with new forms of scholarly publication, including professional and DiY digital archiving, shareable datasets, and a … Continue reading

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This checkout is about 4% of the total

When is an ebook like a physical book? Maybe when a library can only lend one for a limited number of times. The publisher HarperCollins has asked OverDrive to set a limit of 26. After a library makes an HC … Continue reading

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Flies in the Library Ointment

The trouble with technology … is newer technology. My reading today led me to a couple items that have, ahem, “implications” for the public library community.  The first (thank you, Boing! Boing!) is an Android based phone that allows the … Continue reading

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Picking Up Where We Left Off

Like any librarian trying to understand where our “new media” (and access to said media!) are taking us, I’m a tad worried about the future of libraries – especially of public libraries since they’re so tightly tied to local financing.  … Continue reading

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