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US-Pakistan relations: a handy, up-to-date guide

What’s the story about US-Pakistan relations? The excellent ProPublica team just released this guide, which is both accessible and informative.

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Towards peak oil: a surprising Wall Street Journal article

We’re facing the end of cheap, easily obtained oil. This is classic peak oil theory: first, we take the easier to get stuff. Next, we’re left with the increasingly hard-to-get matter, which ramps up costs and builds scarcity. So says … Continue reading

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The Problem with Questions

We librarian-types who work the reference desk help people who have questions.  These questions coming to us can be put in four somewhat overlapping categories:  those the inquirer understands and those he/she does not and those the librarian understands and … Continue reading

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Productive Silence?

Imagine if you wanted to avoid a popular subject. Say, a hit television program about a singing contest, or a reality adventure competition in which scantily clad participants vote people off the show? Intentional avoidance requires steering clear of news … Continue reading

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Pakistan-American relations worsen

Relations between Pakistan and the United States sunk even lower today, thanks to a firefight among ostensibly friendly forces.  American helicopters were shot at, and Pakistani soldiers wounded. More here.

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Baluchistan rising

Is the US quietly building up a Baluchistani nationalist movement? Maybe – what? Baluch (also Baloch) peoples can be found across a spread of central Asian nations (see map to right).  They are significant minorities in both Iran and Pakistan. For … Continue reading

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Look, it’s a superjob!

What’s a good euphemisms for businesses making employees work extra jobs and more hours for no additional compensation? Hm, how about superjobs.  That’s it.  Like supermodels, or Superman. Stories from the jobless recovery/Great Recession.

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Pakistan and America: bad tidings

What’s next in US-Pakistani relations? Lawrence Wright, author of the excellent The Looming Tower (2006), considers. Wright usefully sketches out the history of US support for Pakistan, starting after WWII.  The connection was driven for decades by Cold War logic.  Next … Continue reading

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“Knowledge Management” vs. “Information Management”

The following was originally written for a local Chamber of Commerce newsletter: Everyone knows that a library … be it a books-and-mortar library or a database … holds a great deal of information.  But knowledge, however, is rather different. Knowledge, … Continue reading

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Bin Laden’s death and a White House or Palace

[ by Charles Cameron — cross-posted from Zenpundit ] . Okay, you may groan and skip quickly to the next post or perhaps read with bemused interest every time I post here about Islamic eschatology — but in either case … Continue reading

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