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A Desperate Partnership

Desperate on the side of the publishers anyway …. My library (I’m a public library director) was approached a couple months ago by an “author publicist” eager to set up a few author visits here at the library.  For free. … Continue reading

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The Problem with Questions

We librarian-types who work the reference desk help people who have questions.  These questions coming to us can be put in four somewhat overlapping categories:  those the inquirer understands and those he/she does not and those the librarian understands and … Continue reading

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“Knowledge Management” vs. “Information Management”

The following was originally written for a local Chamber of Commerce newsletter: Everyone knows that a library … be it a books-and-mortar library or a database … holds a great deal of information.  But knowledge, however, is rather different. Knowledge, … Continue reading

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Libraries and Knowledge Management

Many people think of libraries and librarians as being involved in a rather dry and now antique type of “information management.”  That’s not far off the mark regarding much of what librarians are traditionally thought to do. On the other … Continue reading

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Your Local Public Intellectual

One of the odd things about being a librarian is that people expect you to know things.  Not just “library stuff” but things about the world in general.  Politics.  Foreign affairs.  Baseball statistics. It’s a bit much and a role … Continue reading

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Keeping Up with the Jones’s

There’s an old joke about two explorers walking through the dry veldt grasses and coming across a lion.  As they back away, one turns and starts running. The other calls out, “Why are you running so fast?  You can’t outrun … Continue reading

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Folks, It’s Not Really an Emergency Room

It may sound a bit odd to read, but oftentimes the public library is an emergency room.  No one’s been shot, of course, and there’s no one having a heart attack or being treated for a broken arm.  It’s just … Continue reading

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