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Your Attention, Please

Not-so-long ago, the day began at first light and ended with nightfall.  People – Lincoln, perhaps – might stay up to read by candlelight or the glow of the hearth, but unless one had the money for many candles the … Continue reading

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Trust, like love, needs to be a verb. We need to keep on doing it, in spite of previous experiences, of disasters narrowly avoided, of opportunities lost due to reasonable, and at times, unreasonable doubt. When connecting, bridging between language … Continue reading

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A HipBone approach to analysis V: DARPA and storytelling

[ by Charles Cameron — cross posted from DIME/PMESII ] I seem to be writing some mini-essays that braid together more of the various strands of my interests and thinking than usual – geopolitics and poetics, games and reality, warfare … Continue reading

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This checkout is about 4% of the total

When is an ebook like a physical book? Maybe when a library can only lend one for a limited number of times. The publisher HarperCollins has asked OverDrive to set a limit of 26. After a library makes an HC … Continue reading

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Arab revolt spreads to Libya

The gates of hell have opened in Tripoli, observes Juan Cole, noted Middle Eastern scholar.  The Arab revolt which toppled governments in nearby Tunisia and Egypt has reached Libya, in other words, and things are cracking open. The government has … Continue reading

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[ by Charles Cameron — cross-posted from Zenpundit ] It’s riveting to follow the tweets on protests in Bahrain, Egypt, Libya or Iran on Mibazaar in real-time to be sure — but mash that capability up with the one Shloky … Continue reading

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Pockets for global warming

If a nation turns against practices which power global warming, can areas in that nation turn themselves into oppositional pockets?  Case in point: Kentucky’s legislature is considering measures to become “a sanctuary state” for expanded coal-mining. How does a state … Continue reading

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