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Today in the Arab Revolt

The Arab Spring, the Arab Revolt – whatever we end up calling it, the thing is continuing. ITEM: Elements of the Syrian army might be siding with protesters in that country’s unrest. units of the 4th Army Division, headed by … Continue reading

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Libraries and Knowledge Management

Many people think of libraries and librarians as being involved in a rather dry and now antique type of “information management.”  That’s not far off the mark regarding much of what librarians are traditionally thought to do. On the other … Continue reading

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Invisible College 2.0

How is scholarly communication changing as the internet develops? It’s a new (in)visible college, according to Bryan Alexander. We’re seeing all kinds of experimentation with new forms of scholarly publication, including professional and DiY digital archiving, shareable datasets, and a … Continue reading

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One thought about US policy in the world

Here‘s a sobering thought about the effects of US foreign policy: Free elections in the emerging nations increasingly often empower anti-western leaders (Egypt may be the most recent example).  Our habit of overthrowing secular leaders in the Middle East (e.g., … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Brainstorming

Why do I Brainstorm(s)? One of the primary reasons is that Brainstorms uses Caucus. My affection for Caucus, and my interest in seeing it being well-used, is how I learned that Brainstorms existed. My early experience with Caucus conferencing was … Continue reading

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Brainstormers: station identification

Brainstormers on the Web is a blog project emanating from Howard Rheingold’s Brainstorms community.  We’re a group blog, a bunch of people exploring how they write together in this medium.

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Your Local Public Intellectual

One of the odd things about being a librarian is that people expect you to know things.  Not just “library stuff” but things about the world in general.  Politics.  Foreign affairs.  Baseball statistics. It’s a bit much and a role … Continue reading

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