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Today in the Arab Revolt

The Arab Spring, the Arab Revolt – whatever we end up calling it, the thing is continuing. ITEM: Elements of the Syrian army might be siding with protesters in that country’s unrest. units of the 4th Army Division, headed by … Continue reading

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Libraries and Knowledge Management

Many people think of libraries and librarians as being involved in a rather dry and now antique type of “information management.”  That’s not far off the mark regarding much of what librarians are traditionally thought to do. On the other … Continue reading

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Invisible College 2.0

How is scholarly communication changing as the internet develops? It’s a new (in)visible college, according to Bryan Alexander. We’re seeing all kinds of experimentation with new forms of scholarly publication, including professional and DiY digital archiving, shareable datasets, and a … Continue reading

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One thought about US policy in the world

Here‘s a sobering thought about the effects of US foreign policy: Free elections in the emerging nations increasingly often empower anti-western leaders (Egypt may be the most recent example).  Our habit of overthrowing secular leaders in the Middle East (e.g., … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Brainstorming

Why do I Brainstorm(s)? One of the primary reasons is that Brainstorms uses Caucus. My affection for Caucus, and my interest in seeing it being well-used, is how I learned that Brainstorms existed. My early experience with Caucus conferencing was … Continue reading

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Brainstormers: station identification

Brainstormers on the Web is a blog project emanating from Howard Rheingold’s Brainstorms community.  We’re a group blog, a bunch of people exploring how they write together in this medium.

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Your Local Public Intellectual

One of the odd things about being a librarian is that people expect you to know things.  Not just “library stuff” but things about the world in general.  Politics.  Foreign affairs.  Baseball statistics. It’s a bit much and a role … Continue reading

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God of storms, peace, and war

Here’s a very interesting vision of the divine in this wartime poem: April 1941. Sweet the Voice that Tells of Victory. Oh sweet the voice that tells of victory won at last, That strife between the nations now is passed. … Continue reading

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US continues to bomb Libya

American planes attacked Libyan targets this week.  Interestingly, this was days after the US wasn’t going to be doing that, supposedly. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, never an enthusiast for this third simultaneous U.S. conflict, pledged to Congress that America’s combat … Continue reading

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