Limited Perspective

I recognize I possess a very limited perspective of the world. Being apolitical, I tend to be an outlier when it comes to the hot news about governments, lawmakers, lobbyists, military maneuvering, and party posturing. I also know very little about topics related to Wall Street and the industry of finance.

Protests leading to changes in leadership in Egypt have had as much impact on me as the activities of the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Columbia or what the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac proposals mean for mortgage costs.

Such self-indulgence is a source of embarrassment. Why would I write about it? Maybe it’s a cathartic admission; a cry for help.

I am more inclined to notice the weather outside my door.

I scan the headlines of what gets published as newsworthy, but I read very little of the content within. Given the creature comforts I am able to afford, I get away with shirking the responsibility of sweating the details.

Maybe it is behavior such as mine that allows the power-hungry to establish dictatorships in the first place.

In exchange for my indifference for political confabulation, I try to speak my particular truth. I am inclined to opine that the king has no clothes, when it is something I am seeing with my own eyes. I try to live with sensitivity to the fact that my extravagance has been gained at the expense of indigenous peoples and people who have suffered generations of discrimination. On occasion, I try to provide some humor and reflect some of the natural beauty emanating from places I tread.

It will never be an equitably balanced exchange.

That is something I am able to sense, even from my limited perspective.

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