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Towards peak oil: a surprising Wall Street Journal article

We’re facing the end of cheap, easily obtained oil. This is classic peak oil theory: first, we take the easier to get stuff. Next, we’re left with the increasingly hard-to-get matter, which ramps up costs and builds scarcity. So says … Continue reading

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Baluchistan rising

Is the US quietly building up a Baluchistani nationalist movement? Maybe – what? Baluch (also Baloch) peoples can be found across a spread of central Asian nations (see map to right).  They are significant minorities in both Iran and Pakistan. For … Continue reading

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Fear oil, not nuclear?

Are international concerns about Japanese atomic problems skewed?  Could our media-fueled worries lead us to poor energy policy decisions? It seems counterintuitive to think, but consider this chart from ProPublica: Oil and coal, some of the leading global energy sources, … Continue reading

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