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Forced to be Professionals

One of the odder parts of “public library culture” is, in my view, entirely too much claim for anonymity on the part of professional librarians.   Many do not even have business cards, much less hand them out to library patrons. … Continue reading

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Flies in the Library Ointment

The trouble with technology … is newer technology. My reading today led me to a couple items that have, ahem, “implications” for the public library community.  The first (thank you, Boing! Boing!) is an Android based phone that allows the … Continue reading

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The Limit of Search Engines

It may seem like an odd thing, but studies show that students generally choose a hit from the first page of a Google search whether or not it has anything to do with the problem at hand. This bears thinking … Continue reading

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Picking Up Where We Left Off

Like any librarian trying to understand where our “new media” (and access to said media!) are taking us, I’m a tad worried about the future of libraries – especially of public libraries since they’re so tightly tied to local financing.  … Continue reading

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