Pakistan and America: bad tidings

What’s next in US-Pakistani relations? Lawrence Wright, author of the excellent The Looming Tower (2006), considers.

Wright usefully sketches out the history of US support for Pakistan, starting after WWII.  The connection was driven for decades by Cold War logic.  Next Pakistan became a central player in the War on Terror.

The article concludes very grimly.  First, aid hasn’t helped Pakistan, but helped produced a dangerous combination of forces.  Second, the US can’t quit Pakistan, not assist in making a bad situation better.

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1 Response to Pakistan and America: bad tidings

  1. librarybob1 says:

    It’s a tar-baby. Our only option, I think, comes post-Afghanistan (wherever that might be) when we can draw down our involvement … but we must realize that India and Pakistan are likely to exchange a few nukes if the US leaves.

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