Today in the Arab Revolt

The Arab Spring, the Arab Revolt – whatever we end up calling it, the thing is continuing.

ITEM: Elements of the Syrian army might be siding with protesters in that country’s unrest.

units of the 4th Army Division, headed by Maher al-Asad (the brother of the president), began firing on the crowds in Deraa. The 5th Division, comprised mainly of conscripts, opposed this step and tried to protect the people. Then the two divisions traded fire with one another!

ITEM: Central Asian governments are taking steps to ward off inspired rebellions in their countries. As Tajikistan’s president puts it: “I want to reiterate that the wise people of Tajikistan, who were once the victims of such events, know the meaning of peace and stability. They are aware of the importance of peace and stability…” I’ll bet.

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1 Response to Today in the Arab Revolt

  1. librarybob1 says:

    And said people would like it on their own terms.

    Unfortunately, there’s no one clear definition of what such terms might include excepting, maybe, the elimination of all things Czarist and hence, by extension, either Russian or Soviet. And there are centuries of examples why not having an overlord (be it Russian, Mongol, or whatever) led to warfare in the steppes.

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