Invisible College 2.0

How is scholarly communication changing as the internet develops? It’s a new (in)visible college, according to Bryan Alexander.

We’re seeing all kinds of experimentation with new forms of scholarly publication, including professional and DiY digital archiving, shareable datasets, and a boom in “gray literature.”  Peer review is getting tweaked, and the American public intellectual has made a comeback via Web 2.0.

Although much has changed, the entire pre-Web scholarly communication system continues to hum along.  Peer review, book-length monographs, important articles, unpaid editorial work, scholarly societies supporting themselves with journal sales: all are out there, even in 2011.

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3 Responses to Invisible College 2.0

  1. Gregory says:

    Seems this is a trend that’s been in the making for some time, I believe, Bryan. Academia doesn’t serve well the swell of young brilliant minds and talent that want to push the boundaries of science and fields of intellect. For my part, I’m going to do my best to push College 2.0.

  2. librarybob1 says:

    Agreed … the question in my mind is, “Will the colleges survive the dispersal of talent?”

  3. Gregory, say more about College 2.0? Reminds me of Peter Thiel’s anti-bubble plan.

    bob, that would make a fine blog post!

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