One thought about US policy in the world

Here‘s a sobering thought about the effects of US foreign policy:

Free elections in the emerging nations increasingly often empower anti-western leaders (Egypt may be the most recent example).  Our habit of overthrowing secular leaders in the Middle East (e.g., Afghanistan in 1992, Iraq in 2003, Libya in 2011) might not benefit us.  Worse, the tide of history might not flow our way.

Is this true?

Maximus offers this quote as an explanation.  It’s about power differentials:

The concept of “le droit a l’ingerence” — the right of the outside world to interfere — which France has attempted to insert into the corpus of international law, is in fact practiced essentially by the strong against the weak.  The likelihood of international peacekeepers being sent to Washington DC is slim indeed.

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2 Responses to One thought about US policy in the world

  1. Gregory says:

    Old world politics. I’ll stop short of saying this could prove fatal for the West, but they’d better understand that the long range demographic trends, networks, and the somewhat more tenuous concept that western style democracy is just that (and not one that seems to be that sticky a meme outside the West) do not work in the favour of the West.

  2. librarybob1 says:

    One problem of “US policy” is that it plays to American “exceptionalism.” Americans perceive that the US can do what it wants because, well, it’s special. But most Americans then seem baffled when people in other nations do not agree with that POV … we confuse the expedient of “do what we want” over a broader, slower, and perhaps more lasting recognition that the world is a very different place than we imagine.

    That’s to say that the problem isn’t necessarily a discounting of “western democracy.” Rather, it’s a rejection of American bullying.

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