Metaphysics of the metapossible

I put this one together for a blogger whose work I read, the Tailor, and hope that one day he will comment on it — if he does, I’ll post a follow up here with a link.

In the meantime, here it is:

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6 Responses to Metaphysics of the metapossible

  1. hipbone says:

    Those of you who are interested in Sufism will find the use to which the Tailor has put this image at A Tailor’s Doctrine.

    It may be the finest thing I’ve read about the situation in Egypt…

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  3. tailorofthegoodgarment says:

    Thanks to you for the fabric 🙂

  4. librarybob1 says:

    I do wonder if the circle is also a spiral, leading perhaps to “progress” of some sort … or to just an unending series of masks?

  5. Charles Cameron says:

    I’d originally named the two images “squaring the circle” and “circling the square” and only later changed the latter to “circling the cube” — at which point it took on an added, vertical dimension — which I think the Tailor picks up on in his own way in the piece he and I both linked to.

    I’d say, too, that your “masks” correspond pretty well to his “problem with lifting of hijabs” — every revelatory and inspirational moment tends to crystallize, so that further inspiration and inspiration yet again is required — if we are to proceed to new heights, rather than going round in circles with no upward dimension.

  6. librarybob1 says:

    Perhaps so. My (very) limited knowledge of Sufism leads me to be suspect of *social* progress within that paradigm.

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