What it is


That’s one way of looking at it.

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7 Responses to What it is

    • johnwhays says:

      Yikes! But, it’s a graphic. Is this telling me it failed to convey the message?

      Or, are you just encouraging conversation?

  1. The latter. If the first image refers to the general practice of brainstorming, then how does Facebook discourage it? (I’m undecided)

    If you’re referring to the Brainstorms community, then, well, yes… except it’s interesting to draw some comparisons.

  2. johnwhays says:

    Aha! Thank you. What your comment reveals for me is that the first image is not universally obvious. The image, in fact, refers specifically to the Brainstorms community. It is one of several logos that were created for the community. I felt it would be recognized as such on its own, and more so since it followed the previous post on the topic.

    Thus, the Brainstorms community equals not Facebook.

    Drawing comparisons might be better accomplished in another blog post, as opportunity allows.

  3. John, I don’t recall that Brainstorms image. When was it published?

  4. johnwhays says:

    Bryan, I did a quick search in the old Creativity conference and found a post from 2005, July 23, with that logo. It was one of the options for Brainstorms items in the Cafe Press online store.

    If you are curious to have a look, see Response 264 : 609 in the archived Creativity conference…

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