Thank you, Packers

I am, generally, a Bear’s fan but I recently came across a blog posting somewhere which makes me want to shout “Go Pack!” as loudly as I can.

Here’s why:  unlike all of the other NFL teams, the Packers are run as a non-profit corporation.

If you work for a non-profit or a government you’re probably used to hearing that for-profit businesses are the only organizations that know how to get things done.  This is despite reality … anyone who has ever worked for a large for-profit company understands that the reality may be very different, from internal empire building to employees promoted above their level of competency.  As long as there’s money coming in, who cares about a little inefficiency?

Non-profits and governments are often very efficient simply because the citizenry is watching.

That’s not always true, of course, and human nature seemingly makes corruption possible everywhere.  Kickbacks over government contracts are (properly) a crime; kickbacks in the form of “product placement fees” are standard operating procedure for the retail grocer.

Anyway, Go Pack!

Thanks for being an example we can all point to.

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