Egypt: the Muslim Brotherhood as Rorschach test


As far as I can tell from a quick search on Google, ElBeltagy is a Muslim Brotherhood MP, while Muhammad Ghanem is the Muslim Brotherhood’s representative in London.

Some will see in this DoubleQuote, further evidence of “taqiyya” — I think that’s quite a stretch. Some will see evidence of a struggle in which two opinions use media access as part of the process of jockeying for position — that seems a lot more plausible. Or it may be as simple as the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

Here’s one analytic overview that came highly recommended by my more expert friends:

Hossam Tammam, Islamists and the Egyptian revolution

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2 Responses to Egypt: the Muslim Brotherhood as Rorschach test

  1. Thanks Charles. I agree with you that most likely it is a “jockeying for position.” After all most institutions, corporate, political, religious, cultural, etc., use media to spin both sides of the mouth against the middle.

    This Daily News article lends an interesting perspective on what the call for democratic change in the massive Arab Street demonstrations mean for the more radical violent organizations, such as al Qaeda, who call for Jihad.

  2. hipbone says:

    Thanks, Thomas.

    I suggested something along the same lines as that Daily News article in an earlier post here — Egypt: the jihad’s receding tide?.

    Jean-Pierre Filiu, quoted at the end of that Daily News article, is the author of the book on Apocalypse in Islam that I reviewed for Jihadology, saying, “It is an important book – and though the year is less than a month old, will very likely wind up being my choice for book of the year.”

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