I’m here now, introduction

Hi, everyone.  I feel lucky to be part of a new phase of our group Brainstorms!

My main interests are online communities, identities and relationships and ethics of internet research.  I wrote a book called Double Click (Hampton Press, 2005) about couples who met online.  For the last few years, I have researched rock fan groups, and am looking for a publisher for a partly done manuscript on this fan world online and offline, if you know of anyone.  My website has a few of my writings and the tentative TOC of the new popular culture work.

In the future, I will post questions, ideas, and maybe my current doings and others’ activities around the world of internet researchers.   Comments and questions are welcome, anytime.   Btw, I’m fairly new to blogging, at least a novice at keeping one going.

Added:  I’ll also comment on others, when I can.  Outside of Life Online, I’m also interested in art, politics, language, cross-cultural understanding, non-human animals,  and the guilty pleasures of reality tv and biographies.

Thanks, Bryan for starting this up and for inviting us in!

cheers, andee (andrea baker)

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