Guerrilla Love

How many days has it been since a certain time of year when shopping and gift-giving filled the airwaves and people’s minds every waking hour? It comes, and then it’s gone. Now we find ourselves in January, the month after Christmas, where we are operating in survival mode to outlast the long nights and cold days. Why does the good will toward others, the glut of special gatherings, the bounty of festive foods… why does it all seem to fade so quickly?

I really hate to think that it could be a result of the lack of advertising a season. But, hey, who needs the marketers to tell us how to behave? We don’t need no stinkin’ season. I suggest the art of guerrilla love. Why wait for an ad agency marketed occasion to give a gift to someone you love? Be subversive. Surprise someone special to you with a gift brimming with true feeling and deep meaning for no other reason than because you love them.

But, hurry up! If you dawdle now, it will just look like you bought into the whole February holiday thing the advertisers are so fervently working.

Guerrilla love, because, seriously, love has no season.

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3 Responses to Guerrilla Love

  1. A lovely, most radical thought, John. Thank you, and thank you again Bryan, Charles, et al who made this expansion of our BS-verse possible . . .

  2. I love that – “random acts of kindness” rather than programmed giving….

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