Brainstormers storm the open Web

Welcome!  This is a blog for members of the Brainstorms community to post their observations, thoughts, opinions, and questions.  A group blog, where Brainstormers post, and anyone comments.

Howard Rheingold launched Brainstorms back in the 20th century, and nurtured it into a thriving community.  We owe him a huge debt for that, and dedicate this blog to his work.

We’re just setting it up, so watch this space for posts.  Please comment with questions.

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5 Responses to Brainstormers storm the open Web

  1. Bryan, here I am. 😉

    Cheers, ARNIE

  2. Thanks Bryan et al for launching this. Don’t know how much I’ll participate here, but I shall surely observe with best wishes for all who participate along with immense gratitude to Howard and the Brainstorms Community, which continues to survive , morphing into new iterations of civil discourse in this ofttimes uncivil age . . .

  3. Jeff says:

    Thanks for setting this up, Bryan.

    What (if anything) do we Brainstormers need to do to have posting-access?

    Jeff Markel

  4. Guillermo Cerceau says:

    Excellent initiative!

  5. Welcome aboard, Arnie.

    Thank you, thomas.

    Email me, Jeff.

    Thanks, Guillermo!

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